Sell at Home Parties

A Jewelry Candles home or office event is a fun and relaxing environment for customers to shop. This is hands down one of the most lucrative ways to profit with our business model. If you are good at networking with people, organized and have not too shy to be in front of a small group of ladies, there is no limit to how much income you can make with home parties. There are no scripted presentations or high pressure sales. Customers can shop at their leisure, and they will love that your cash and carry inventory (if you pre-purchase candles as a rep of course! IF not your catalog is a great sales piece and will help you sell a lot as well!) allows them to try before they buy! People are also very receptive to our Jewelry Candles because it is such a new and innovative gift idea for friends and family!


Sell at Community Events

From national conventions to state wide fairs to neighborhood events, Jewelry Candles has no restrictions. These events are great ways to market your business to large numbers of people. You can sell your Jewelry Candles pretty much anywhere you go through selling at these events.


Sell on the Go

Just show your Jewelry Candles catalogs with a business card attached everywhere you go. With a new catalog twice a year and spreading the good word of helping out Breast Cancer related charities and the Humane Society with our "I Love My Pet" candle and our "Think Pink" candle you have lots to share! The bank, school, grocery and gym are all full of potential customers. It's easy to make your daily activities opportunities to earn extra income and grow your business. Many of our consultants are doing this full time but many also do it part time and make a nice extra bit of income selling our amazing Jewelry Candles! Remember, the more people you talk to, the more sales that you make! The ladies and men that are making the most income selling our Jewelry Candles are the ones that are always talking to people, networking and showing off their Jewelry Candles catalogs so if you follow that winning formula, you'll get a ton of sales too!